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We offer a wide variety of specialty items sourced from around the world. Many of the goods we offer are made or brought from our global community of friends! Come take a look at our Indigo clothing, an eco-friendly designer using only plant-based, natural dyes. Skim through our 'esoteric library' with many books based upon yoga, meditation, philosophy, permaculture, and history. Support and listen to our family's music through their CD's. Become enchanted by the beautiful artwork posted around our space. Try our magical blends of the purest essential oils from Young Living. Take a look through the various colors of bamboo towels, large and small. Heal and strengthen your body through our magical elixirs, potions, and herbs. Indulge in the sweetness of our homemade honey and coconut oil. There are many options to tickle your fancy, just come and have a look for yourself!

We offer items which are difficult to find elsewhere in the country, such as California white sage and palo santo. Try one of the beautiful Columbian necklaces made by women of an indigenous tribe! A lot of our items in store are from our world-traveler friends who drop a couple things off for others to enjoy!

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